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Birding Tools and Techniques  

Birding Time

The most preferred timing for birding are morning and evening because most of the birds activities occurred in these timings.


Birding Outfit

Wear always dull coloured fully covered comfortable cotton clothes which protect you from sunlight and helps in camouflaged in nature.

A pair of good shoes is also helps in protecting your feet from insect and reptilians bite.

A Cap is also important in birding outfit which protect your head and eyes from direct sunlight.


Birding Exercise

Don’t go close to birds in birding,it may forced birds to fly.

Don’t make noise or sudden movement.It might show your presence to birds and make it fly away from you.

Be familiar with body parts of the birds.It will be easy to understand their technical names in field guides.eg. The White Throated Kingfisher means throat colour of Kingfisher is white.

Try to remember calls and songs of birds.It will helps in recognizing birds and make sure their presence in that particular habitat.

Keep always records about birds like Number of species, Population, Migration or some other parameters.It will be helpful in planning for their conservation.


Birding Ethics

Don’t go close to the nesting and nesting pair. It will create disturbance to nesting or breeding of birds.

Don’t chess the birds.it will harass the bird.

Don’t throw stones on birds for making their clear sighting.

Take permission from the authority of birding area before birding.

Inform only right person or authority while finding rare bird species.

Do birding for conservation of birds.


Birding Tools

Field guides-A standard field guide proved to be very essential in birding. They have pages with pictures of birds known as ‘Plates’ and description about their identification, distribution, habit, status and many more.A field guide is your real companion and a good on the way of birding.

Binoculars-Though birds are sensitive and mobile creature yet it is essential to watch birds with binoculars from a considerable distance.It is advisable to keep binoculars of branded companies with some specific resolving powera like 7x35,8x40 and 10x50. The binoculars should not have more powerful lenses because it will be too heavy and inconvenient to carry.

A Notepad and Pen-A notepad and pen are very important piece in birding.You may take a raw data by this and turn into a systematic data.

Camera - A photograph taken in a field gives authenticity to your work and helps in correct identification of bird species seen in the field.

Telescope - Although binoculars are best for general birding,sometime you may need telescope with tripod and for watching birds at a long distance as shorebirds, wetland birds, large perching birds or nesting birds.Usually 25x to 60x zoom telescope are preferred by birdwatchers.



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