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YHAI Bird watching at VANVIHAR

On the morning of Sunday around 40 youth hostel members were gathered in the conference room of van vihar Bhopal. The place was fully surrounded with green trees with a big number of birds all around. It was the beauty of the nature that we were standing under a blue sky with all over greenery and many colors of animals and birds all around us. Our journey started with the introduction of the guests, scientists, and all the participants. We were provided with various things which we would require at the time of bird watching, like binoculars, notepad, a book guiding about various birds and also a bag to handle all these things. We were already divided in groups and with 2 resource persons each we moved to see the world of birds. First-of-all we got introduced to the state bird of Madhya Pradesh Paradise flycather. Then we saw many small and big birds scattered all over some were flying in the sky and some were swimming in the pond. Our resource persons also guided us about the different nature of various birds. It was amazing to see that not all the birds flew, only a few flew to get their food others would easily find their living in the surroundings. Also we met a bird who whenever we called her she would reply THANKU JI!!!. After visiting the amazing world of the birds we were back again to the common room for a break. Now we sat in our jeeps to move ahead in the jungle to meet the animals and to the scientific reasons about the jungle. There we saw an ample amount of trees with various specialties some had old stems while some gave the proof of animals being there. We also saw blind bears who were badly beaten in the circus and are now preserved by the van vihar. We also saw a few tiger and tigresses to whom food was fee den in front of us. It was really an amazing surprising and educational JUNGLE SAFFIRE. then we moved towards the conference room for a little chat where we were told about 10 amazing facts, one of the most amazing fact was that we don’t have parrots left in India we only have parakeets.It was an educational chat which would had totally surprised one. After the talks we were provided with delicious food. A Great thanks to van vihar authorities and Mr. Mohammed Khalique, Dr.Sangeeta Rajgir which took us to an unforgetfull and amazing journey of bird watching and jungle sapphers.

Members of Youth Hostel Association enjoy birding


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