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EPCO birding camp in Van Vihar

The three days birdwatching and nature camps were organized by EPCO at Van Vihar National Park in collaboration with Bhopal birds from 1st to 3rd of May 2010 on the occasion of world environment day.About 90 students of Bal Bhavan and Abhinav Bal Bhavan Had been participated in this camp started from 6.00 am .About 30 participant were participated each days.The two resource persons,Dr.Sangeeta Rajgir and Md.Khalique from Bhopal Birds had come for giving information about birdwatching .The student had been given binoculars and feildguides for watching birds.The students had been divided into two groups of 15:15 students .The students had seen about 40 species of birds during bird watching .These includes White breasted waterhen, Paradise flycatcher,Rose ring parakeet,Magpie robin,Indian robin,Black drongo,Grey heron,Wolly neck stork,Painted stork,Purple sunbird and many other species.The students were enjoyed activities of birds like feeding, nesting, singing and roosting.The resource person had given various information about all these activities.After a short break of breakfast student had taken for nature trail.The trail was inside the park and had length of one kilometer.The student had found various marks and signs of wild animals like Porcupine, Wildboars, Dropping of antelopes.The information had given about these signs and about antlers and antelope.They heard shrilling call of Cicada Insect and sighted the Spotted deers and Sambhar.Lastly presentation on birds had given by Shri.J.P Namdev (EPCO) .The Posters and Pham plates is given to the students on birds. The whole camps was organized very well and proved to be helpful for creating awareness in students about birds and animals. masallar

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Childrens enjoying birding in Van Vihar


Resource persons talk about birds


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