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Nature Camp in Delabadi (Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary)

A nature camp organized by Bhopal birds at Delabadi (Ratapani Sanctuary) on 21st August 2010 with the internship students of MLB collage.The participants visited the Nature interpretation center and got information about the area through the flexes gallery in it. After that they went for birding and nature trail inside the forest ,where they found different species of plants,birds,butterflies and insect.They sighted and hear the call of birds species like Racket tailed drongo,Roseringed Parakeet,Spotted owlet,White breasted kingfisher and species of butterflies like Common crow,Lime butterfly,Common leopard and Choclate pansy.They found Giant wood spiders were hanging on their web and a Giant millipede was creeping on the ground.They enjoyed the monsoon waterfall and canals running inside the forest and got a Tiger pugmark near of Choti Aamkho.

Birding in thick forest


A Giant wood spider


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